How It Works with Melbourne Cabs

User Friendly System that will allow you to Book Services with just few Steps and Simple Flow.

  • Tap to book one Just pick up your phone and put in where you want to go. The app will get you are a driver in no time
  • Get Driver Details Once your Ride request is accepted, the app automatically informs you of all the details of the driver including make and model of the car.
  • Track and Guide Take a look at the route the driver is taking to reach you. Trace his exact location and guide him if necessary.
  • Hop in and Ride on Once the driver reaches you, just hop in and enjoy the trip. The app will calculate the fare and give you an invoice at the end of the trip.

Melbourne Cabs Pool & Rental

The App will allow you to Rent a Taxi with a Driver for whole day or for couple of hours. 
Also allow you to book a Taxi under the Taxi Pool Category so that you can share the Taxi with other Riders and save good money. 

Corporate Accounts and Rides with Melbourne Cabs

Use this Feature, you can book Rides and let your registered Organization pay for your commercial Rides.

Taxi Rides For Everyone with Melbourne Cabs

One app for all your Taxi booking needs! Whether you are in a hurry, planning a Ride around the city, wishing to schedule a Ride, or want to share it with others to save money, there’s a choice for everyone.

  • Taxi Now

    Book Taxis instantly. Less waiting time, quick Rides, and affordable prices.

  • Taxi Share - Pool

    Share Taxis with other passengers en route to the same destination and save money.

  • Taxi Rental

    Rent a Taxi that you want, drive around, and pay at the end of your trip.

  • Taxi Reserve for Later

    Schedule Taxis to avoid last-minute hassles!

Why Ride With Melbourne Cabs?

  • Melbourne Cabs Budget-friendly Rides

    Book a Taxi that’s easy on your pocket. No hidden charges! Pay what you see.

  • Melbourne Cabs Quickly find a Ride

    No need to wait around for your Taxi to come to your door! Find Rides quickly, book them, and be where you want to be on time.

Safety & Security with Melbourne Cabs

Our drivers hold a CPVV Approved license and are fully trained which means that every time you take a Ride with us you can be assured of 100% security & 100% safety. We understand that your safety is the biggest concern and we take it very seriously. By providing you a safe way to travel, we make sure that you can trust us for your trip as much as possible.

  • Tracking at Each Step

    Melbourne Cabs committed to helping to create a Safe & Secure Trip for our users. You can track the entire Trip using your App. In Case of Emergency, you can press the SOS button.

  • Enter OTP to Start the Ride

    Melbourne Cabs want you to feel safe in the Taxi. So, an OTP is sent to registered mobile number as soon as the Ride is confirmed. Tell this four-digit code to the driver and only then, they will start the trip.

Place a Call & Book a Ride with Melbourne Cabs

Feeling worried that you do not have internet or are someone not accustomed to using an app? Don’t be! We will assist you through this! Simply place a call to Melbourne Cabs and get a Ride for you.

Call Melbourne Cabs Ph:0390680960 

Mobile: 0485952463 (SMS & MMS)



Easy Registration with Melbourne Cabs

Register yourself and take the amazing benefit of the Apps. Drivers can register and earn for the Rides. Users can register and book the Rides.

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